Ease Your Loved One’s Grief with a Living Trust

living trust

The loss of a loved one is not an event that one can truly prepare for. It takes a mental and emotional toll on the bereaved. During the aftermath of losing someone who was close to you, making decisions about their estate or funeral plans adds more strain.

Before your passing occurs, you can make the grieving process easier on your loved ones by creating a living trust.

How a Living Trust Can Aid in the Grieving Process

Whether you need to get your affairs in order or simply want to prepare in the event of an accident, drawing up a will is important. It will ensure all of your wishes are performed when you pass.

As stated before, the grief felt after losing a loved one can make decision-making that much harder. With a living trust, your partner and children will have a clear idea of what you wanted.

The stress can start before you have passed. If an accident or illness causes you to end up in the hospital unable to voice your wishes, a living trust can do it for you. You can establish a trustee who will carry out what you wanted. For example, your will should specify whether you want to be placed on life support or not.

Include your funeral plans in your living trust. Specify how you want to be buried (buried or cremated) and where (funeral plot or scattered ashes). If you feel inclined, you can include more information such as where you would like services to be held, who you would like to speak, and a choice of clothing. If you have planned other aspects of your passing, such as money for the funeral, then you can include this in the trust as well.

The sad fact about a death occurring in the family is that it can lead to families fighting among themselves for possessions or money you have left behind. Again, this is an added stress that your loved ones do not need. In your living trust, you can specify what goes to whom.

Why a Living Trust Over a Will?

Often time, we will steer those who are looking to make a will to draw up a living trust instead. Why? This is due to probate. Wills go into probate before anything in the document can be carried out. Everything you wanted will be put on halt until your assets are in order.

How Do I Create a Living Trust?

If you are at a loss as to how to create a trust then look to a professional. At Learn Living Trust, we can help you plan your estate and create a living trust. Why a living trust and not a will? We suggest a trust since a will requires a probate period which can halt the process significantly and lend more stress onto your loved ones. For more information, please visit our site.


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